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Driver Ed FAQs

Can we get the MV 3001 form if we only sign up for the online class with your school ?

What is your refund policy?

Instruction Permit

How long is the MV3001 form valid for?

At what age am I eligible to get a valid WI Instruction Permit?

What do we need to bring to the DMV, to get the instruction permit?

What if my student loses their instruction permit?


Are daytime appointments during school considered Excused ?

Where do you pick up for behind-the-wheel lessons ?

When does the behind the wheel schedule post ?

How can I cancel a behind-the-wheel lesson ?

How many appointments are allowed on the calendar at one time ?

Why can I only schedule one appointment per month?

Road Tests

When is my student eligible to take the road test?

What does my student need to bring to their road test?